8 Ways to Activate Your Lightbody, and Connect With Angels

The word 'Angel' means messenger of light. There are many different types of Angels, but a Guardian Angel is one that is assigned solely to you and will be with you for the rest of your life. They give you immense unconditional love, that is filled with celestial light, helping you grow and heal. In this blog, I will be addressing exactly how you can connect with your own guardian angel - 8 different ways. This will also allow your lightbody or soul to raise it's frequency for a higher spiritual experience. Every time you reincarnate, your soul is joined with your Guardian Angel’s that resides in the spirit world or middle ground. There may be 1, 3 or a crowd of light beings waiting for you.

The Frequency of Happiness

Happiness is..... eating chocolate whilst submerging yourself in a pack of fluffy puppies wearing a panda onesie and listening to the rain drops pitter patter on the window pane. Right? If only life was that simple. If only life allowed us to be that simple. Hands up if anyone has achieved advanced states of enlightenment that has given you 100% happiness and fulfilment? Anyone? Not me either! If there are no fluctuations in emotion, thought, feeling or awareness of spiritual self wouldn’t we get bored? Wouldn’t we Plato and extract ourselves from the wonderful array of what makes a human life live-able. After all, life is about learning, growing and loving one another. How can we learn if