Six Sounds That Heal

The healing power of sound can influence many aspects within in our beings. It can have subtle but profound effects upon our emotions, spirit, well-being, mental, physical and spiritual state. Like an orchestra, your body harmonises in-tune with your higher being and creates oneness, peace, happiness and well-being. If one instrument within the orchestra is out of tune - illness and disease can occur. How does sound heal us ? Everything vibrates and has a core frequency. When we can tap into those frequencies vibration can alter the tuning and cause it to rise or fall, slow or speed up, get louder or quieten. One of the most effective ways to do this is through the use of Cymatics and entrai

Nourish Willpower, Focus & Growth - The Divine Tree

Finding inner strength and self discipline can be challenging at times, even when we have goals, sometimes we just cant break that barrier that's obstructing our journey. Willpower is like a muscle the more you use it the easier it gets. But that initial hurdle of seeing first light can be daunting. In this blog I discuss ways on how you can overcome that initial wall of self doubt by aligning yourself with nature. The dream of a better tomorrow, will always be a fantasy, willpower and achieving your goals takes strength and determination - just willing the universe to help you can be very powerful sometimes, but it will not allow you to step over that hurdle - as within nature - the univers