3rd Eye Chakra
3rd Eye Chakra Awakening

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3rd Eye - Sangita Prana
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To relax and open specific chakras to enable 3rd eye awakening and open the ability to expand your intuitive perception and connect with higher energies.

Comes with out Free youtube video

Using specific solfeggio frequencies, binaural beats, spiritual healing techniques, music therapy techniques, entrainment, brainwave entrainment techniques and isochronic tones.

Includes the full 3rd Eye Chakra Meditation piece, 1 pure binaural piece and 1 pure elements piece.

Love Frequency 528Hz
Love Frequency 528hz

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Love Frequency 528hz - Sangita Prana
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A beautiful calming relaxing experience to de-clutter the mind, relax the soul and calm the thoughts.

Sound Healing ~Love is tailored to invite love into our lives through the use of specific solfeggio frequencies, binaural beats, music therapy techniques, relaxation techniques and spiritual frequency manipulation.

Designed to fully open the chakras, allowing the healing process to begin through subtle vibrations into the ear and around our human bodies.

Inviting Love into our lives is the key to bringing positivity and wellbeing into our beings. By opening up the chakras and aware-ness, with specific frequencies, this can invite the right kind of karma into our souls.

Please go to www.sangita-prana-sound-healing.com to purchase our products or click on each album cover

Releasing Negativity - Meditation

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Release Negativity - Sangita Prana
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This composition is designed to clear the bodies chakras and cleanse the aura of all negativity that we store up from everyday life.

Using root grounding solfeggio frequencies to help connect with the earth to strengthen our roots, whilst expanding that energy into the eather to release all negativity.

Comes with Free youtube video

Sacral and Heart Chakra Healing
Sacral and Heart Chakra Healing (Clearing Emotional Blockages)

Digital Download

Sacral and Heart Chakra - Sangita Prana
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Includes Sacral and Chakra Healing Youtube Video

Swadhisthana for Happiness, Confidence and Resourcefulness

The sacral’s emotional component is - guilt, its purpose is to help fluidity of movement and gain connections to the other chakras and energies.

By combining the sacral and heart chakra tones, we can help towards releasing any obsessive behaviour, addictions, help with depression and mood swings and release emotional sensitivity by helping regain connections with yourself by learning to love yourself.

Listening to ‘Sacral and Heart Chakra Healing’ on a regular basis, combined with meditation and self will, it can help release any blockages, anxieties, or barriers that may be getting in your way. Allowing life to flow freer.

Chakra Binaural Beats
Pure Chakra Binaural Beats

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Pure Binaural Beats - Sangita Prana
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A compilation of raw binaural beat samples to use as part of a meditation or other sound healing devices. Can also be used as a sample cd under the creative commons licence.

Precise Hertz oscillating at specific frequencies using pure sine tones, isochronic pulses, white noise and audio massage panning techniques.

Chakra Binaural Beats
Sun Gazing (Solar Plexus Attunement)

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Sun Gazing - Sangita Prana
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Incorporates 126.22 -- Sun, 32nd octave of Earth year; The Frequency Of The Sun with individual frequencies for entrainment, healing and relaxation.

The Solar Plexus is the centre of vitality in physical and psychic bodies. Emotions become balanced with self-awareness, giving a new sense of choice and control when the Solar Plexus chakra is balanced and performing well.


Sun Gazing carries specific frequencies and entrainement processes that can lead towards enriching emotions, increasing sensitivity and balancing the control of the Solar Plexus.


People with an excessive Solar Plexus Chakra the energy needed to react to life circumstances are empowered. People with blocked or deficient Solar Plexus Chaka are passive and inactive - allowing life to pass by while they do nothing - Sun Gazing can help to empower and motivate life. Using Sun Gazing as a weekly healing session can help to combat that 'Stuck in a Rut' feeling and help you move forward in life.

The main element used in this session is Fire: which purifies, gives the life force for metabolism at every level.

We also use Solar Order entrainment processes, incorporating real audio of 'The Sound of the Sun' and 'Earth resonances' to help aid meditation between the user and the universe.


Planetary Binaural Beats
Pure Planetary Binaural Beats: Sync with the Rotation of the Solar System

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Planetary Binaural Beats - Sangita Prana
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A compilation of raw binaural beat samples to use as part of a meditation or other sound healing devices. Can also be used as a sample cd under the creative commons licence.

Precise Hertz oscillating at specific frequencies using pure sine tones, isochronic pulses, white noise and audio massage panning techniques.

Chakra Binaural Beats
Throat Chakra Light Rays


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Throat Chakra - Sangita Prana
00:00 / 00:00

Once this chakra is activated we become conscious of the person we are, our internal and real worlds that make us who we are.


The throat chakra also controls a person’s ability too express him or herself creatively and effectively.


Combining the Earths Resonance magical Alpha frequency as its core to intercollide with specific throat chakra solfeggio frequencies.


This deeply relaxing sound healing meditation will not only help balance your Fifth Chakra, it will also balance your mind and spirit to the frequencies of the planet Earth

Chakra Binaural Beats
Spiritual Cat - Sound Healing


Digital  Download 

Sound Healing for Cats - Sangita Prana
00:00 / 00:00

Please let your cat listen on a low to medium volume on speakers with a good wide range of frequencies. Sound healing designed to relax and connect your cat with universal energy source. Allowing for greater healing and help with anxiety, increases own ability to heal, help aid sleep and helps aid relaxation. Also designed to enhance and rejuvenate a cats mood. An overall sound bath that purifies, revitalizes and calms the true inner being.


Chakra Binaural Beats
Spiritual Dog - Sound Healing


Digital  Download

Sound Healing for Dogs - Sangita Prana
00:00 / 00:00

Sound healing designed to relax and connect your dog with universal energy source. Allowing for greater healing and help with seperation anxiety, increases nerve regeneration in older dogs increases own ability to heal, help aid sleep and relaxation and promotes a happy pup. Using specific techniques:


Chakra Binaural Beats
Connecting with Source Energy Archangels ♡ Earth Sun Cosmos


Digital  Download 

Connecting With Angels - Sangita Prana
00:00 / 00:00

Connecting Source Energy can open our soul to the Angelic Kingdom. This sound healing session can also allow humans to become a conduit for transmitting and receiving energies between the Cosmos and the Earth via the Sun. By simulating the Archangels frequencies, we can become a vibrational match and thus interconnect. 



Chakra Binaural Beats
Maha Meru│Cancer Recovery Aid




Digital  Download 

Maha Meru - Sangita Prana
00:00 / 00:00

Maha meru represents cosmic power and divinity. The powerful energies of Maha meru picks up the cosmic vibrations radiated by the planets and celestial objects and converts them into positive vibrations. Purifying the atmosphere the Maha meru and its geometric vibrational energies can be a powerful tool used within sound healing to help aid cancer patients during and post treatment stages. 

This sound healing session concentrates on using specific sound healing techniques to help aid with pain management, relaxation techniques reducing stress/anxiety, uplift mood/balance emotion, reduce nausea and repair cell damage (dna repair). It focuses the spiritual body on the maha meru to bring positivity and wellbeing into our systems during your testing time and brings you into a state of alignment with source energy, thus aligning own spiritual and physical being.

Chakra Binaural Beats
HAPPINESS - Boost Endorphins, Dopamine and Serotonin


Digital  Download

Happiness - Sangita Prana
00:00 / 00:00

Happiness: Boost Endorphins, Dopamine & Seratonin uses Crystal Bowls, white noise and pure sine tones to aid relaxation, thus preparing your body, mind and spirit for deep spiritual healing. 


Using specific frequencies to target your happy zone. Use of Isochronic beats enable the release of our happy emotions, feelings and thoughts through the release of endorphins, dopamine and seratonin.


Chakra Binaural Beats
Heart Chakra Release (Isochronic Tones & White Noise)


Digital  Download 

Heart Chakra Release - Sangita Prana
00:00 / 00:00

Spiritual Healing music focusing on unblocking the heart chakras and energising the whole spiritual system. Using tuning fork therapy, binaural beats, natural therapy and music therapy techniques. 

The isochronic pulses fade in very subtly whilst filtered through the healing properties of white noise. Enabling the being to be more open for divine connectedness. Thus enabling for the heart chakra to fully harmonize with Universal energy and spin effortlessly.

Chakra Binaural Beats
Sound Therapy: Drug and Alcohol Addiction│Audio Rehab


Digital  Download 

Audio Rehab - Sangita Prana
00:00 / 00:00

An intense sound bath of audio and light to help release addictive withdrawals and break the cycle of self abuse. This sound therapy session uses specific frequencies and entrainment techniques to target aspects of the withdrawal process and help gain strength and willpower on your testing journey. This session can also be listened too or absorbed by non addictive people to balance the Theta, Alpha, Delta, states to help keep the natural balance between body, mind and soul. 

Drinking alcohol or partaking in drugs primarily increases the amount of a person’s alpha brainwaves, it also has an effect on the theta range causing imbalance. In extreme cases of, the theta brainwave pattern can dominate the brain and leave the individual with impairment and memory function loss. Finding the right balance between the brainwave frequencies of ALPHA –DELTA –THETA is key. 

The theta brainwave makes you feel emotionally connected with others and yourself, which is often lost when addiction occurs. Beta brainwaves can block out our emotions or not allow us to fully experience our natural emotions. As theta brainwaves return and are strengthened through relaxation techniques, increasing the amount of theta brainwaves through sound healing can help slow rapid thoughts and can make you feel more comfortable in your own body. Many spiritual experiences and phenomena are commonly experienced in the theta brainwave state allowing a better sense of oneness, thus bringing strength into the spiritual system, armouring you from temptation. The most advanced stages of addiction can cause your brain to eventually enter the theta brainwave state permanently due to a burnout of the central nervous system. As you produce too many high beta brainwaves for longer than a few months, your brain will eventually be extremely low in alpha brainwaves, extremely low in low-beta brainwaves, and full of desynchronized theta and high beta activity causing mental fatigue, insomnia, sickness, inability to think clearly, loss of memory and brain function, inability to clear destructive influences, inability or lack of strength to resist temptation and inability to think and feel as yourself. 

This sound healing session, helps re-balance the brainwave states and evoke healing whilst you are in rehabilitation. Strengthening power of mind, body and soul to ease the journey. 

Chakra Binaural Beats
Psychic Protection: Shield Against Bad Luck and Negative Energy
Digital  Download 
Psychic Protection - Sangita Prana
00:00 / 00:00

The aura provides a natural layer of protection and acts in similar way to the Earth's atmosphere. The Earth’s protective shield cuts out the harmful radiation from the sun. The task of our aura is to protect us from incoming harmful energies whilst absorbing the good vibrations our universe has to offer. If our energetic field is weak other people can severely drain our energy. It is important to incorporate some form of psychic protection into our everyday life, to bring additional strength to our energy field. Many people believe that if they are working ‘in love and light’ nothing can harm them. Unfortunately this is not true, daily aura cleansing is vital in modern society. It is not just people we need to protect our auras from, it is also electromagnetism from harmful electrical equipment and the harmful rays they emit. Just as we may attract the attention of guides and angels as we follow our spiritual path, we can also attract the attention of less desirable beings, energies or bad karma. 

This composition centres around 4 main vibrational energies of 417hz, 396hz, 4096hz and 7.83hz. 

417 Hz: one of the solfeggio frequencies which removes negative energy from the body and wipes out negative thoughts and behaviour patterns. It can reverse and undo negative happenings. 

396hz: Also known as the frequency that awakens our root chakra it can dissolve negative thinking and break free from negative patterns. It grounds our physical and spiritual bodies to our earthly pathways making a clear path for us to fulfill our purpose 

4096: Also known as the basis at which crystals emit their healing. This frequency can clear negativity and help reintroduce pure tranquil energies into our meridian and chakra systems. 

7.83hz: This frequency lies within the delta range of our brainwave frequency states. It is also known as the schuman response for facilitating change, strengthening the aura and help us align our energies with the earth’s resonance, grounding and raising our positive vibrations whilst living a physical human life

Chakra Binaural Beats
Akashic Frequency Activation: Trauma Recovery (PTSD Sound Therapy)
Digital  Download 
Akashic Activation - Sangita Prana
00:00 / 00:00

Akashic Frequency Activation: Trauma Recovery (PTSD Sound Therapy) is a brainwave entrainment session to help you overcome the effects caused by any traumatic experiences you have faced in life. Wether that be from sexual abuse, mental abuse, physical abuse or emotional abuse, all negative energies that we generate automatically go straight to your physical and spiritual systems. 

By accessing your akashic records through vibrational therapy, you can let go and clear the negative energies you have been holding on too since the abuse or trauma birth. 

This Sound Therapy session helps you to connect with those vibrations through the use of binaural beats, brainwave entrainment techniques, white noise, brown noise and specific frequencies so that you can then meditate and use the law of attraction to set yourself free. 

Fear of intimacy, low self esteem, addictions, depression, anger, anxieties, inability to progress in life, self-doubt, guilt, negative body image, control issues, dependency on others, need for constant approval are just a few symptoms of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). Healing a person’s trauma that has resulted from sexual, physical, emotional or mental abuse is a multi-dimensional task. We are multi-dimensional beings and work needs to be done on all aspects of our true selves to really be able to move on from abuse. 

The sacral chakra is the portal from our sexual spirit that intertwines with the spirituality and energy fields of the other person and the spirits that are attached to it. It is important that we heal our selves as this negative energy can be transferred from person too person when in a loving connective relationship. Our portals in our Sacral Chakra is the womb of creation. We connect to our Divine Source and creator through the sacral chakra. The entities that linger needs to be cleared and sent to Light for its higher purpose and good and for you to break free from the cycle of abuse. The law of attraction states that we will only attract more abuse if we do not let go of it. 

Source energy is asking you to heal these areas in your life within your existence to help your future children, partners, ourselves and to allow a bright and shining future for all that surround you. 

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Chakra Binaural Beats
Communicating with NATURE'S Spirit to HEAL Sound of Being .​:​. I AM SOUND
Digital  Download 
Communicating with Nature - Sangita Prana
00:00 / 00:00

Sound Healing for the Mind, Body and Soul 


Communicating with NATURE"S Spirit to HEAL sound of being .:. I AM SOUND incorporates gentle binaural beats, isochronic tones, nature sounds and the sound of plants and trees. Using specific frequencies and brainwave techniques to help you reconnect your physical and spiritual being with nature. 

Strip away the build up from harmful rays you have absorbed through societies way of life, such as absorbing negative energies caused by electrical appliances, radiation and harmful rays from everyday appliances. Restore and detox your whole system back to basics, back to nature and back to the real you. Help your natural beauty reconnect with the refreshing healing powers of mother earth and restore the connection with nature's highly potent force. Find happiness, inner peace, healing and let quantum sound relieve stress and anxiety whilst helping to raise your vibration by resonating in tune with nature.

Chakra Binaural Beats
Chi Light | Balancing Through Solfeggio: ALL Chakra's
Digital  Download 
Chi Light - Sangita Prana
00:00 / 00:00

Chi Light is a 1 hour album for deep healing that focuses on the bodies chakra system. Using the ancient solfeggio frequencies to intensify the chakra's resonances this piece works well during Reiki or massage sessions or within meditation. 

This session incorporates 

174 hz - Healing Tone 
285 hz - Chakra Alignment 

396 hz - Root Chakra 
417 hz - Sacral Chakra 
528 hz - Solar Plexus Chakra 
639 hz - Heart Chakra 
741 hz - Throat Chakra 
852 hz - 3rd Eye Chakra 
963 hz - Crown Chakra 

*please see individual tracks or description 

This album is also available on iTunes as a full 1 hour single track. (coming soon) 

Dedicated too Andrew Currie, thank you for the 'commission' (it was decided between us, too release this commission as a general release, so others can benefit from this. 

Chakra Binaural Beats
Sacred Elements │ DEEP Sleep Theta Meditation
Digital  Download 
Sacred Elements - Sangita Prana
00:00 / 00:00

This sound healing session is deeply in tune with mother earth and her heart beat and uses its magical healing frequencies, enabling you to fall into a deep sleep. It can help people with insomnia and help's towards a better/deeper night’s sleep. Enhancing dream states, it deeply connects you to pure source light, enabling you to regenerate your spiritual system and allows you to feel refreshed upon awakening. The meditational qualities support deep relaxation and healing while using specific frequencies to aid sleep. It captures the essence of an audio sound bath of frequencies to accentuate the physical feeling of contentment, warmth, security and oneness with the elements and our earth. 

The Theta state is capable of deep healing and relaxation during sleep. It can allow you to have a very deep relaxed sleep and help you to fall as sleep, as well as maintain a regular sleep pattern. Theta waves generated at specific Theta rhythm’s (a neural oscillatory pattern in electroencephalography (EEG) signals) increase your ability to keep on the track of a typical brainwave pattern that we all go through during normal sleep. 

Gamma (+ 30hz) - All states of the wave sleep cycle 
Beta (13 – 40 Hz) – Active, alert and focused 
Alpha (8 -12 Hz) – Relaxed, calm and creative 
Theta (4 – 8 Hz) – drowsy, light sleep and dreams 
Delta (less than 4 Hz) – Deep sleep 

This sound healing session is composed using the brainwave sleep pattern, along with the elements of air, fire, water, eather and earth and uses isochronic tones: base frequency of 211.44Hz - associated with the unconscious mind, dream state, imagination and is also the frequency associated with the orbit of Neptune (which effects us by enhancing dream experience and the sense of security felt whilst asleep). The session is built on 5 main frequencies of 6-7hz, 90hz, 174hz, 211.44hz and 432hz along with subtle frequencies at certain intervals that intensifies the Theta state of 3-8hz, 4-7hz 4.9hz, 5.35hz and 6.5hz. 

Chakra Binaural Beats
Sound Healing for Budgies: Phi Tranquil Relaxation
Digital  Download 
Sound Healing for Budgies - Sangita Prana
00:00 / 00:00

Sound Healing for Budgies - Phi Tranquil Relaxation is a 30 minute relaxation session for your budgie. This session uses the patterns of the golden ratio (phi) that is deeply connected with nature that is built around the fibonacci sequence. Sound Healing for Budgies was written using sounds budgies most respond too and have a calming effect upon them. 

Sound Healing for Budgies must be introduced to your bird slowly and quietly, increasing the volume and consistency over time. But must always be played back on a low - medium volume. 

Sound Healing for Budgies will relax your bird as well as keep your bird alert and playful. The golden ratio is especially potent within birds because of hoe connected they are to nature and her spiritual energy, giving your bird a sense of peace and contentment. 

Chakra Binaural Beats
Rewire Your Sentient Brain: Set Free Depression & Calm Psychosis
Digital  Download 
Rewire Your Sentient Brain - Sangita Prana
00:00 / 00:00

Rewire Your Sentient brain is a sound healing session to heal the brain of depression that has derived through psychosis. There are many avenues for depression to manifest, this session was composed as a music therapy session to help psychosis sufferers. Depression can be a conflict within the emotional mind which alters the chemical imbalances and nerve routes from a healthy brain to a psychotic brain. A psychotic FMRI data in the brain is far more chaotic and faster in thought and emotions compared to a healthy brain. In this session the sound healing techniques helps to calm and relax those neurons and help balance the emotions and thought processes into a healthier FMRI brain. 

This session incorporates specific frequencies and brainwave entrainment to calm psychosis down through vibrational therapy (binaural, monaural and isochronic tones). In recent studies, binaural and isochronic tones reported that by using sound healing for psychosis had a significant effect upon the brain and calmed the neurons into a healthier brain. 

Chakra Binaural Beats
Pure Planetary Binaural Beats: Connective Transcendence
Digital  Download 
Connective Transcendence - Sangita Prana
00:00 / 00:00

A compilation of pure binaural beats to help your physical and spiritual being connect with each planet in our solar system, to enable a greater connectivity, raising vibration to aid transcendence during meditation. 

The gravitational pull from each planet affects us as human beings and can interact with our physical bodies, like the pulling and pushing of the earths tides, our bodies react in the same way due to the fact that we are composed of mainly water. It is important to keep our bodies balanced at all times to maintain continuity and therefore spiritual transcendence will flourish. As we connect with each planet, we are widening our earthly vibrations and are raising our frequencies into alternate dimensions touching upon connecting with source energy. 

Earth: 136.10hz - 7.83hz Binaural Beat 
Jupiter: 183.58hz - 7.83hz Binaural Beat 
Mars: 144.72hz - 7.83hz Binaural Beat 
Mercury: 141.27hz - 7.83hz Binaural Beat 
Moon: 210.42hz - 7.83hz Binaural Beat 
Neptune: 211.44hz - 7.83hz Bianual Beat 
Pluto: 140.25hz - 7.83hz Binaural Beat 
Saturn: 147.85hz - 7.83hz Binaural Beat 
Sun: 126.22hz - 7.83hz Binaural Beat 
Uranus: 207.36hz - 7.83hz Binaural Beat 
Venus: 221.23hz - 7.83hz Binaural Beat 

Each tone has a 7.83hz beat frequency that is in sync with the schuman resonance theory, aiding a deeper healing experience. 

Chakra Binaural Beats
Cosmic Cognition: Super Learning, Concentration, Improve Memory, Study Music | Learning Skills
Digital  Download 

Develop good study habits and study skills by giving your brain and higher self a head start. In the Alpha state, the mind and body are relaxed, but at a level of precise focus that it is crucial for taking in new information, whilst keeping the mind focused and more susceptible in learning new things. There is a greater link between the conscious and subconscious mind within the Alpha brainwave state, while you are consciously learning, the alter brain is also unconsciously processing what your trying to learn.  The frequencies involved within this session aids focus & concentration, improves memory, increases problem solving, conscious thinking and aids resting vitality. By resonating in tune with the universe, we can tap into our abilities to improve intelligence in both the physical world and spiritual dimensions. Our higher selves, can aid our waking brain into an orbital form of cognition, that enhances learning skills.



Frequencies Used

14hz: improves focus and Concentration

432hz: improves learning, cognition and memory

60hz: Pre-study Gamma frequency for improvement in memory and problem solving

4.5hz: (theta) Increase creativity and learning capability

Cosmic Cognition - Sangita Prana
00:00 / 00:00
Chakra Binaural Beats
The Quantum Mind - Binaural Beats & White Noise
Digital  Download 
Theta Subconscious State - Sangita Prana
00:00 / 00:00

Binaural Beat Pack to target the quantum mind in its spiritual state of harmony. 

1: Awakening Psyche 
2: Etheric Senses 
3: Cosmic Cognition 
4: Sentient Brain 
5: Akashic Activation 
6: Higher Solar Self 
7: Theta Subconscious State 
8: Energy Psyche Shield

WEBSITE: Living-One-Vibrational-Energy.com