Intense Light Language Frequency Healing - Reconnect With Emotions, Oneself & Light-being - this sound healing session is a bit more abstract and more intense than usual - pre warned ! This sound healing session is to help connect your physical body with your lightbeing, oneself and your own emotions. Sometimes, our emotions can become stuck which can lead to a misalignment between yourself and your higher self causing imbalances. By using the frequencies of light from the colour spectrum and frequencies from the realms of light language we can reconnect with our light being and thus help us gain our connection to our physical emotions. We can restore that emotional numbness we feel by using these frequencies on a regular basis and help that disconnection through releasing any blockages, balancing the light body with our physical body and connecting us with divine source through light language.




Please wear stereo headphones with a good wide range of frequencies. It is recommended to use this sound healing session for 1 - 2 times for the first week and then whenever you feel the pull towards it there after.




FREQUENCIES USED 963hz: Reconnect with spirit - sense of oneness 9999hz Activate light body 1052hz: Open lotus for deep healing 90hz: Balance well-being 7hz: Emotional cleansing 741hz: Emotional detox 852hz: Connect with lightbeing 397hz ⚈ 431hz ⚈ 464hz ⚈ 497hz ⚈ 531hz ⚈ 565hz ⚈ 598hz ⚈ 632hz ⚈ 665hz:






LIGHT LANGUAGE Frequency Healing | Reconnect Emotions, Oneself & LIGHT-BEING