Primordial Kundalini Tones Direct From The Universe - Expand Awareness and Raise Consciousness for spiritual awakening Tuned to the planet Uranus. Uranus's energy fulfils our need for transcendence and opens our aura to allow for spiritual awakening in both beginners and advanced beings. Uranus gives us unique senses to be able to travel wide distances in etheric dimensions. Helping to raise vibration, expand awareness and help connect with collective consciousness. Kundalini Energy is our basic life force of life, the energy ofawareness, that exists in all of us. When we experience kundalini enlightenment we can make positive changes and wake up to our destiny. We can change course in life and steer away from negativity or disruption.


✧ Primordial Kundalini ✧ Primordial Tones ✧ Expand Awareness ✧ Raise Consciousness ✧ Centred Around 207.36hz ✧




Angelic  URANUS SCALE (hz):  207.36  318.36  540.36  873.36  1317.36  1872.36  2538.36  3315.36  4203.36

STARDUST ELEMENT:    H=1, 106.6632, 270.542, 447.69. O=8, 13.557, 288.59, 311.10.  C=6, 25.144, 535.24, 577.  N=7, 7.22, 153.78, 165.78.

DNA ACTIVATION (hz):      8,  88,   136,   216,   432,   528 BINAURAL/ISOCHRONIC/MONAURAL:    207.36hz

ETHEREAL NOISE:          White SPECTRUM RANGE: Infrasound (18.98hz) - Ultrasound (12khz  - 2khz)


GUIDELINES Please wear stereo headphones with a good wide range of frequencies ( earphones will not be suffice ). Please listen at a medium volume. It is recommended to use this sound healing session for 1-2 times for the first week and then whenever you feel the pull towards it there after.


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Primordial Kundalini Tones Direct From The Universe - Expand Awareness