A compilation of pure binaural beats to help your physical and spiritual being connect with each planet in our solar system, to enable a greater connectivity, raising vibration to aid transcendence during meditation. 

The gravitational pull from each planet affects us as human beings and can interact with our physical bodies, like the pulling and pushing of the earths tides, our bodies react in the same way due to the fact that we are composed of mainly water. It is important to keep our bodies balanced at all times to maintain continuity and therefore spiritual transcendence will flourish. As we connect with each planet, we are widening our earthly vibrations and are raising our frequencies into alternate dimensions touching upon connecting with source energy. 

Earth: 136.10hz - 7.83hz Binaural Beat 
Jupiter: 183.58hz - 7.83hz Binaural Beat 
Mars: 144.72hz - 7.83hz Binaural Beat 
Mercury: 141.27hz - 7.83hz Binaural Beat 
Moon: 210.42hz - 7.83hz Binaural Beat 
Neptune: 211.44hz - 7.83hz Bianual Beat 
Pluto: 140.25hz - 7.83hz Binaural Beat 
Saturn: 147.85hz - 7.83hz Binaural Beat 
Sun: 126.22hz - 7.83hz Binaural Beat 
Uranus: 207.36hz - 7.83hz Binaural Beat 
Venus: 221.23hz - 7.83hz Binaural Beat 

Each tone has a 7.83hz beat frequency that is in sync with the schuman resonance theory, aiding a deeper healing experience. 


released October 9, 2017


all rights reserved

Pure Planetary Binaural Beats: Connective Transcendence