The Sound Alchemist's TERMS OF USE

The Sound Alchemist music is the sole property of The Sound Alchemist and is made available for personal use after purchase. Commercial and non-commercial public use of The Sound Alchemist content is prohibited unless permission has been granted, and fulfill the requirements of our terms of use policy detailed below.

Non-Commercial Public Use Authorization Requirements

To acquire authorization for non-commercial public use, please write to detailing how you intend to use the material. All public non-commercial representations of the music, images, videos or text must be accompanied by credits and presented in a clear readable manner. Materials represented on the web must be accompanied by active links to (i.e. Youtube videos description). The Sound Alchemist material may not be altered for reproduction in any way. The credits should not be hidden or disassociated from the music, images or videos. We have the right to allow or disallow any event, if we feel it compromises the integrity of the sound healing sessions.

Commercial Permission Requirements

Resale of The Sound Alchemist content is prohibited. No modifications may be made to The Sound Alchemist content without expressed written permission (with the exception of cropping, resizing in the case of images and shortening tracks case of music). Recording over the music (i.e. mediation scripts or instrumental and vocal layering) for the purposes of creating a commercial product, is prohibited. 


Please inform us if you intend to scientifically experiment with, publish magazine/newspaper publishing, peer reviews or relevant data. Acknowledgments is required if you replicate any of our original works publicly that is produced within your original works. Owners of external websites wishing to link to the website may use The Sound Alchemist name and/or art for the link, providing they have obtained prior authorisation from The Sound Alchemist and on the condition that such use is clearly identifiable as a web link.

By reproducing The Sound Alchemist material, the user acknowledges the terms on which such use is permitted. When in doubt, email us, at We’re happy to answer any questions you may have.